Photo by Kelsey Lee

Oh hey!

Founded in 2013 and located in Minneapolis, MN, Tandem Vintage is a curated shop full of feminine, colorful, playful, modern-inspired and, most importantly, ethical pieces. Founder Amanda Baumann loves to mix decades, styles, and prints, focusing on the 1950s through 1990s. As a second-hand-only shopper, she believes in buying high-quality pieces that you love that also have a fabulous story to tell.

Vintage pieces have traveled many decades, visited countless closets, and adorned many bodies. It's up to vintage lovers and appreciators to extend that life, while also freeing ourselves from the standards of fast fashion. I believe in shopping less, choosing better, and taking care of what you already have (mend it! re-purpose it!).   
A former editor from Detroit, MI, Amanda currently lives in Minneapolis with her wife and two rescued dogs, Scarlett and Mora. This self-proclaimed “crazy plant lady,” loves to collect paint by numbers and sea shells, read poetry, and thrift around Minnesota. When she’s not at findfurnish, you can find her scooting around thrift stores with a coffee in her hand, an overflowing cart, a full heart, and a huge smile.